October 22, 2011

How to Make Invitations in Microsoft Publisher [ Tutorial ]

Happy Saturday Bloggy Friends!

This morning I am going to share with you my SECOND tutorial... the first tutorial I created on ("How to Make Cupcake Toppers") received alot of positive feedback, so I wanted to share with you a new shiny and fun tutorial on "How To Make Invitations in Microsoft Publisher". This post is somewhat of a follow-up to my post from yesterday regarding the creation of stationary items in Microsoft Publisher. I figured if you could get through this tutorial then you definitely could find your way around this software to create your own custom stationary items.

So let's jump right into this tutorial...

1. Open Microsoft Office Publisher program (I'm using 2007 version so if you are using an older version your screen will of course look different). Click on > BLANK PAGE SIZES

2. Choose your preferable page size - I decided to go with the portrait 5X7 blank page size (or "5X7 Photo Paper").

3. You should have a blank screen/new blank page (you chose previously) open.

4. What is a personalized invitation design without fun clipart (in my opinion - it's boring!)? In this step I will add a couple of clipart images from my personal stash. To add your own personal clipart go to INSERT > PICTURE > FROM FILE. Find your image(s) and insert them!

5. I'm creating a "Bake Shop Party Invitation", so I've decided to insert two separate images - an awning and a cake tower. If you're interested in using the exact same images you can find them on Mygrafico under Cake Shop printables created by Woofy's World.

6. In this next step i'm placing my image on the blank page (trying to get a feel for my design) and sizing (re-sizing) when applicable.

7. I would like to add a miniature background under the awning to serve as my space for inserting text (this step is optional, if you're not interested in creating this space then skip down to step nine). On the left side of your screen you should see the "Rectangle" shape ... click on it and resize your shape (as I've done below). Next right click your shape > FORMAT AUTO SHAPE > Change your FILL color to your desired choice of color > to get rid of that "black" outline around the rectangle > Under the "Line" option > COLOR > NO FILL.

8. Once you've made all of your changes your design should look similar to the one below (with your rectangle lying on top of your awning). To move the rectangle shape behind your awning... right click your rectangle shape > ORDER > SEND TO BACK.

9. In this next step I'm placing the Cake Tower in my desired location.

10. Now I'm ready to insert text! On the left side of your screen you should see a small "A" inside of a square this is your text box. Click on the text box and move the box to your desired location. I want to enter text inside of the blank space inside of the awning to personalize the invitation - so, I will be entering my desired text in this space first.

Here is the blank space inside of the awning I was talking about...

Here I've inserted the text...

I've inserted another text box for the body of my invitation...

11. Oh, you thought we were done? If you would like to stop on step 10 then that will be fine : ) In my opinion, the invitation is pretty darn cute right now... but if you're looking for a little more spunk and feeling a little creative then keep going!

Here I am adding a small pattern shape I whipped up in Photoshop (it matches the top layer of the cake tower). I try not to be "matchy", but I'm so anal I just cannot help it! To prove this point... if you haven't noticed the "brown" in the awning (from step 10) has also changed to match the cake (LOL!) Okay, I'm having way too much fun here... back to the tutorial. Anyway, I've inserted the rectangle pattern shape/ribbon ... and I would like to position it behind everything > RIGHT CLICK IMAGE > ORDER > SEND TO BACK.

12. This made the image pop a little right? Let's add one more thing...

13. Click on the rectangle shape to your left and draw an rectangle large enough to cover your entire invitation (this rectangle will serve as your solid background color for your invitation. In step 7, we went through the whole spill on how to change the color of the shape and get rid of the "black" outlines ... same steps here.

14. Have you remembered how to move your shape to the back? If not ... RIGHT CLICK YOUR IMAGE > ORDER > SEND TO BACK.

15. Your final design should look similar to this one. Now would be a great time to save your image! Go to FILE > SAVE or SAVE AS and save your image to your desired file location.

Printing is optional of course...

Here is what my final design looks like printed... adorable right?!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial... unfortunately I can not provide you with the template this time around because I used licensed images through Mygrafico, as I stated previously you can find the clipart at Mygrafico under Woofy's World Cake Shop clipart.

I would love to see what you've came up with ... you can share with me here!

xoxo, Latisha


  1. Tish! You are so great! Love the tutorial : )

  2. Super cute!!! Your instructions are straight and to the point. Love it!!

    1. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed the Tutorial : )

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