September 28, 2010

Free Downloadable DIY Printable - Breast Cancer Awareness

As promised I am excited to share with you this beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness DIY printable.

Design possibilities are endless with this DIY Printable set. Here are a few helpful and creative ideas to get you started:

Cupcake Wrappers:

The cupcake wrappers can be used to:
+ Wrap cupcakes, candy, and other small items
+ Wrap around the bottom of the cupcake stand (use 2 of the same wrapper)

Cupcake Toppers:

The cupcake toppers can be used as:
+ Stickers
+ Confetti
+ Decor for straws
+ Small banners
+ Decor for napkins (use with ribbon)

Stationery Print:

The stationary print can be used as:
+ Note card
+ Notepad (print multiple pages and attach them together with an adhesive or hole punch and loop with ribbon)
+ Matte for a photo frame (remove the center)

The banner can be used as an banner! Sorry I could not think of any other uses for the banner, but if you have any brilliant or creative ideas then please feel free to share them with me. Enjoy!


  1. what a great freebie! Do you mind if I post about your freebie and direct my blog readers to your post?


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Let's Get Social! #iloveEccentricDesigns

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