November 06, 2014

Freelance - The "Li Li" Mermaid 1st Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to create a few "Eccentric Designs" for my God Daughter's 1st Birthday - the theme of the Party was, "The Little Mermaid" or the "Li Li" Mermaid as we affectionately refer to her as Li-Li Pooh. It's been extremely exciting following Miss Li-Li Pooh on her journey from the womb to the world and you may recall the - Sugar and Spice Baby Shower - that was celebrated in honor of her last year.

I truly enjoy celebrating loved ones and creating something special for them ... it never seems like work when you're doing something you love, for someone whom you love. Initially, my best friend (Li-Li Pooh's mommy) and myself were brainstorming for a "Carnival" themed party - after getting me all riled up and excited about that theme my friend breaks the news to me that she's changed her mind. So, then she came up with the idea of having a Disney Princess, "Little Mermaid" party and I automatically fell in love with the idea of this party (because I secretly have an infatuation with Mermaids and yes I believe they're real!) We pinned several ideas on Pinterest and Googled like crazy trying to find thrifty, budget friendly, and easy DIY projects to make her party special and one of a kind.

- Eccentric Birthday Swag - 

My first mission was to create Miss Li-Li-Pooh an adorable Tutu outfit. I wanted to stay true to the "Little Mermaid" color theme; however I wanted the tutu to have a "sea" feel ... I did this by adding corals, greens, and golds to the traditional pink and red colors.

Next, I wanted to capture this milestone birthday for Miss Li-Li-Pooh, so I created a "Milestone Birthday Chart" for her listing specific details about her regarding her weight, height, likes, favorite foods, etc.

- Table Decor -

Why reinvent the wheel... is the famous quote that came to mind when collaborating and brainstorming decorating ideas for the party. There is a plethora of "The Little Mermaid" themed decor in pretty much ANY party store. It was very clear in the planning stages of this party ... that we did not need to "make" a lot of personalized stationery for this party. We created all of our DIY projects around the "character" decorations obtained from the Party Store.

The Centerpiece ideas and Table Decorations were all created by Miss Li-Li Pooh's Mommy! I was really proud of my friend - she did a fabulous job executing all of her ideas and staying within her budget!

- The Desserts - 

Majority of the Desserts were created all by Miss Li-Li Pooh's Grandma... she owns her own bakery business - Sweet Treats by Pearl. Mrs. Pearl desserts are very well known in my community and she is the go to person for homemade (made from scratch) delicious desserts and other baked goods. 

- The Candy Buffet - 

It was my pleasure to decorate this beautiful and brightly colored Candy Buffet Table. To give the table some dimension the candies were placed in various containers such as: Beach Pails and Martini Cups. Each container was adorned with a brightly colored Candy Buffet Label. Other stationery items created to bring the Candy Buffet Table theme together included the customized Birthday Banner and Signage.  

- Party Favors - 

The Party Guest(s) were able to take home some really delicious party favors! The yummy Candied Apples (pictured below) were a huge hit! Miss Li-Li Pooh's mommy stuck with the theme of the party, by using miniature Beach Pails and stuffing them with fun "Mermaid" themed items. Each favor was adorned with a "Thank You" label (by yours truly...) and of course actual "Thank You" Notes with the Party girl's most recent photo was handed out to Party Guest(s) as they were departing. 

- The Birthday Girl - 

Introducing Miss Li-Li Pooh... she definitely falls into line with her themed Baby Shower - Sugar and Spice! She's has just the right amount of both. As you can see in the first picture below she's probably being a little spicy, but in the same breath she can be as sweet as she wants to be! 

In the first picture, her mommy created her a "Mermaid" tutu - she used a crochet head band and various shades of tulle (for the "Mermaid" fins) to create the mystical look. Miss Li-Li Pooh's mommy then used glittered iron-on transfer letters to spell out, "Birthday Girl" for her t-shirt and of course a matching Tiara for the Princess. In the middle photo she's enjoying a piece of her "smash" cake. The photo below shows her cheesin' for the camera with her parents... then only person missing in this photo is her favorite play pal - her big brother Duke!

Wow, time sure does fly... I can't believe she's already one! Happy Birthday again to my sweet little baby girl - Li Li Pooh! 




  1. This is a cute party! I love the milestone chart! �� awesome job!

  2. I would love to know where did you bought the margarita glasses from?


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