September 14, 2011

{ Freebie Alert } - Glam O Ween Printable Collection

Happy Hump Day Bloggy Friends!

If you haven't already heard I am celebrating my "Blog" and "Facebook Fan Page" first year of existence (via the world wide web)! The first thing to come to mind was to promote a GIVEAWAY... but then I got to thinking, a giveaway would support only one fan and I wanted to do something for ALL of my fans. I had a "Eureka" moment and decided to GIVEAWAY a FREE printable collection to all of you : )

Without further adieu I would like to introduce to you ... GLAM - O - WEEN (aka Glamorous Halloween) DIY Printable Collection:

This DIY Printable Collection has TWENTY files! That's right... TWENTY:

+ Editable 5X7 Invitation File
+ Glam - O - Ween Banner
+ Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers
+ 5X7 Party Signs
+ Masquerade Masks
+ Wine Bottle Labels
+ Party Flags
+ Hershey Bar Wrappers
+ Water Bottle Labels
+ Favor Box
+ Placecards

Embellish your designs with feathers and rhinestones for a chic/glamorous look! Are you ready to get to business and start downloading? Ready...set.... go:

1. If you would like to use the "Bleeding Cowboy" font I used in the invitation go here and download.
2. Download the printable files here.
3. Share your masterpiece(s) with me here.

To all of my supporters, friends, and family THANK YOU for supporting Eccentric Designs and sending out your prayers and words of encouragement to me. Looking back this has been an extremely blessed year for me and my business. I look forward to meeting new friends, networking, and overall growth for my business. This year has been an awesome year for me and I can only dream of what 2012 holds : ) I am hopeful you all will continue to follow me on my the meantime, let's get this GLAM O WEEN Party started!

I heart my supporters - xoxo, Latisha


  1. Cute Latisha!!!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC.

  2. Gorgeous Tish!

    Happy Anni!! Wish you a zillion more!!

    Tons of hugs!

  3. These are so CUTE! I love all of the glitter and glam! The designs are super cute!

  4. My daughter loves the we are going for it!
    Thanks for inspiring us! Pat @ rockstarpartyplace.blogspot

  5. Thank you Kori! Pat... share pictures!

  6. I love it.! Bookmarking your site!

  7. Thank you Pam... I'm glad you love it : )


Let's Get Social! #iloveEccentricDesigns

Let's Get Social! #iloveEccentricDesigns

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