May 14, 2012

How to Make a Custom Tshirt Design [ Tutorial ]

I've been wanting to share this tutorial with you for a few weeks now ... I initially got this idea from Lizard & Ladybug Blog and jumped right on creating my own design maybe a couple of days after her initial post. I did a little research on the web to see how many tutorials were surfing the web for, "Creating Your own Stencil Using Freezer Paper" and I found A LOT! With that being said I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail because it's pretty easy to follow the pictures (below) and as I mentioned before there are a lot great tutorials out there already.

Tools Used:

+ T-shirt
+ Iron
+ Freezer Paper
+ 1 piece of 100lb Cardstock Paper
+ Ribbon
+ Fabric Paint
+ Scissors
+ Towel
+ Fabric Paint
+ Paintbrush
+ Silhouette SD

I placed my t-shirt on top on a towel, so that my workspace would not get too messy from the fabric paint. Also, I inserted one piece of 100lb cardstock paper between the shirt (so, that the paint would not bleed through the back). I measured and cut a 8.5X11 sized sheet of  Freezer Paper and then placed it on my Silhouette SD sticky mat for cutting the word - Allure - as shown in the first image below (I also cut a second "ornate" shape using the same method).

Once my stencils were cut, I positioned them in a desired location on my t-shirt and "ironed" them into place. I let the iron sit on the Freezer Paper less than 10 seconds (it sticks and holds into place pretty quick). I pulled out my paintbrush(es) and I went to work on my first stencils.

After allowing my first stencil to dry I begin working on my second stencil (the green ornate shape)...

It took me a few coats to get the desired results...I worked with two different paintbrushes - one with a thicker tip for fast painting and one with a smaller tip for detailed painting (especially around the name).

Here are the final results... I added some ribbon and voila - Allure had her own custom designed T-shirt by her mommy! She loves it too... I think because I let her help me make it : )

xoxo, Latisha


  1. That’s a pretty cool design. The process is quite easy, and you did it without messing your workplace. You’re really good with this kind of project. Have you tried other designs such as flowers, cartoon characters and any abstract designs? Anyway, she looks beautiful in that T-shirt.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

    I haven't had the opportunity to try any new projects, but your ideas sound pretty cool ... maybe I will try them out.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment - xoxo, Latisha


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Let's Get Social! #iloveEccentricDesigns

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