July 23, 2013

Girl Power Back to School Bash 2013 - Part One

Eccentric Designs very first "Girl Power - Back to School Bash" was a success! It's been a long three months preparing, soliciting, marketing, and planning for this event. This was all new to me and was my very first time planning anything of this magnitude with so many people. The hardest part for me was asking for "help", but I was able to quickly get over it (and myself) and recruited 14+ dependable volunteers.

Before I jump into the event, I wanted to back up and give you (the reader) a little history on how the "Back to School Bash" was born. I don't remember the exact date, but sometime in April the idea of having a Girl Power Event - 'popped' into my head. Immediately, I wanted to tell someone about it and my mom and my dear friend Talia with (Talia Felicia Events + Designs) were the first two people I discussed the idea of the Girl Power Event. Both my mom and Talia were very supportive of my idea, but initially I do not believe they knew how soon I wanted this event to kick-off. I was able to connect with both of them and find the perfect date - July 20th. It was important for me to have both of my girls there by my side that day, because I knew this event would be special and I wanted them to be apart of it.

As I've stated previously, I've NEVER done anything on this level... I didn't know the first thing about soliciting sponsors, marketing, or planning for a event like this one - however, I played upon one of my greatest strengths - the internet/social media. I filled out a lot of applications for sponsorships online going through corporate websites and when that did not work I walked into local businesses explained what I was doing and requested sponsorships that way. Soliciting sponsors may have been the hardest thing for me to do throughout this process - because sometimes I can be a 'brat' and I hate being told "no". I heard the word, "no" so many times throughout the process that I almost wanted to cry. I would go to my mom and vent and she would give me the extra boost of encouragement I needed and I would dust myself off and move on to the next business. Needless to say, I was able to recruit TWENTY FOUR sponsors (God is good!).

I primarily used Social Media for marketing (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) I dropped off flyers at a few churches and local businesses. I was able to talk about the event at a couple of local Small Business meetings and spread the news of the event that way. I'm also apart of a few local Facebook groups and I was able to connect with some businesses that way. My biggest marketing strategy (that had absolutely nothing to do with me) was a local Newspaper article about my event! When this article published my remaining tickets were gone within 2-3 days!

Read Article - Click Here - 

As I began to share this event with close family and friends they would ask, "Where did you get the idea to do an event like this from?" At times I would shrug my shoulders or say, "I don't know, it just popped into my head". I really did not have a clear answer. Then one day it dawned at me that I have a little girl, that has experienced teasing (in daycare - you can read a little more about it here) and what other way could I show her and other girls like her (all ages) how to love themselves, be confident in who they are, accept their own uniqueness and simply how to respect others and their differences. This idea was more than her (my daughter) as well... as I know it came from "God". Nothing like this just "pops" in anyone's head ... from the moment the idea of the Girl Power - Back to School Bash came to me I could not shake it. I just felt an immediate urge to make it happen quickly and it would not go away. Every time I wanted to procrastinate and let the idea go away - it would come back to me even stronger. Finally, I gave in and asked God to just lead me in the direction he wanted me to go and that is exactly what he did. 

Businesses/Individuals, who knew absolutely NOTHING about me or my business, were donating money and goods from left to right. I was so overwhelmed with appreciation and happiness because this was exactly what I wanted for all 40 of my girls - I wanted them to have the best and show them how much they are loved by their community. All of the girls went home with a personalized Journal/Notebook (provided by Petite Priss - In Home Spa Parties for Girls), a Tutu (Titi's Tutu's donated some tulle), a Gumball Necklace, Hair Accessories (sponsored by Goody), a Calendar (sponsored by Books*A*Million), Free 8 Piece Chicken Nugget voucher (sponsored by Chick-Fil-A), Earrings (sponsored by Sooo Chic Accessories), and School Supplies. Giveaway Prize Sponsors included: AMC Theatres (4 Movie Tickets), Red Lobster (6 Gift Certificates), Elle B. (Two Necklaces), Party Box Design (Water Bottle Labels), and Hello Kitty School Supplies/Book Bags (sponsored by Eccentric Designs and Imagine That Events). A total of NINETEEN (19) girls were sponsored and attended the event for FREE - thanks to: Antonio B. (Sponsored 1girl), Debbie B. (Sponsored 2 girls), Glamour Avenue Parties (Sponsored 1 girl), Minister Jaremiah and Sherunda Anglin (Sponsored 10 girls), and Lady Charles Desserts (Sponsored 5 girls). Sponsors who contributed monetary donations/goods/services included: Carol B. (Food Donation), Anne V. Wood (Mary Kay Samples), Deborah D. (Monetary Donation), Debbie B. (Nail Polish), Hair & Makeup by: Amanda Lee (Contributed to Giveaway Prize & Referred Special Guest Miss Teen Polk Latina 2013), I Do ... Too! (Monetary Donation), Publix (Cake), and Romi's Blush by: Romina Triay (Mini Makeovers).

I certainly want to make this event annually as I have come to learn it is something that is needed in our community and it feels really good to be able to give back in this way. I've never saw so many bright, beautiful, positive, and amazing little girls in one room. Each and every little girl that was there needed to be there at that moment and I know for a fact they came in one way and left feeling different (a couple girls confirmed this to me). All I can say is "Thank You" God for using me as a vessel to touch so many families in our community, and "Thank You" to all of our Sponsors and Volunteers who contributed their time and money. I'm still receiving email messages from parents who want to keep in touch so they can become a "Sponsor" next year and bring their girls back for a second time! This event was absolutely amazing ... I'm hoping for more greatness from this event in the very near future - #EDGirlPower2013



  1. Tish, words cannot express just how proud I am of you. This was an amazing event and you and Jesus deserve ALL the credit. This event was such a blessing to those young ladies, and I believe, all of us that were involved. Always remember to let your light shine. I know you're good with this..lol...but do not EVER let anyone make you hide your light under a bushel. Continue using your gifts and talents to bless others for His glory and He will continue to make the way. God bless you Tish. I love you. - Talia

    1. Awww what a beautiful comment Talia - love you too! Thank you friend for always believing in me : )

      xoxo, Tish


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