July 23, 2013

Girl Power Back to School Bash - Part Three

Please feel free to check out Posts One (to learn the background of the event + see who sponsored the event) and Two ( to view the girls rockin' the camera) if you missed them ...

Each table was decorated with inspirational quotes/signs/words to inspire the girls to be the best they can be. The first sign is my favorite, "You are strong & you are beautiful... all you have to do is believe!" This sign was also a favorite among the parents. There was a total of 8 signs created ... 8 girls were able to take a sign home as a keepsake/reminder of their inner beauty and power they have to make good choices and be a role model for other girls their age.

"Always Wear Your Invisible Crown" (Left)

"Surround yourself with ONLY people who are going to lift you HIGHER" (Right)

"Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle" (Left)

"Before you Speak THINK!...
T - is it true?
H - is it helpful?
I - is it inspiring?
N - is it necessary?
K - is it kind?" (Right)

The girls pictured below are listening to Miss Teen Polk Latina 2013 during a break-out session.

The Gumball Station

The volunteers in this station really enjoyed themselves! 
All three were vibrant and ready to take on the girls and their gumball demands...

Keisha, Krista, & Monica
Thank you ladies for taking time out of your day to make the day of 40 little girls!

The Nail Station

I think this may have been the most popular station!
So popular, that girls would come back and change their nail colors...
Pictured below is Merissa drying the nails of one of the little girls with her pretty Ostrich Feather.

There were three other ladies working this station (not pictured) Deidre, LaQuan, and Shakeita
Thank you Ladies for painting a total of 80 hands and 400 nails! 
Could be a little more if we include the ones you painted more than once!

Thank you again to Debbie B. for donating several Nail Polishes!
We had about 30+ colors for the girls to choose from.

Makeup Station

Romina Triay and Tronda Burton were the Makeup Artists of the Day
This station really made the girls feel beautiful!

I had a number of moms contact me after the event saying, 
"My daughter did not want to take her makeup off!" I thought that was too adorable!

Romina Triay doing a making over (picture on left) and receiving a makeover (picture on right)

Tronda Burton doing a makeover on a little one ...
She was so excited and squinting her little eyes she wanted to make sure Tronda
did not miss a spot!

Thank You - Romina & Tronda
for making our girls feel beautiful inside and out!

Tutu Station

The Tutu station was fun for the girls. Talia taught the older girls how to make their own,
while she assisted the younger ones with making their tutu.

There were two other ladies working this station (not pictured) Keondra and Marecia.

Thank You ladies for all of your hard work and for teaching the girls a new craft!
I'm sure they cannot wait to practice their new craft...

Pretty little princesses rocking their new makeovers and tutu's...

Watching the girls go through each station was by far my most favorite part of the event. As they were transforming you could see their personality and confidence change - I've never saw many bright smiles in my life - they really had a great time and so did I!



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