May 09, 2012

How to Make a Custom Party Hat [ Tutorial ]

This morning I would like to share with you a quick, fun, and easy tutorial. If you would like to follow along with this tutorial using the exact template that I am using you can purchase it from my shop [ here ]. If not then please feel free to follow along with your own special template : )

So let's jump right into it...

Supplies Needed:

+ Birthday Hat Template
+ Scissors
+ Craft Knife
+ Trimmer
+ Ruler
+ 12X12 Construction Paper
+ Double Sided Sticky Tape or Glue
+ 2" Hole Punch

STEP ONE: Cut out your Birthday Hat designs...

STEP TWO: Choose your construction paper colors, patterns, or designs...

STEP THREE: Assemble your party hats securing (end pieces) with double sided sticky tape or glue. Using your trimmer or scissors cut two sets of one inch strips for each party hat (as shown in the image below).

STEP FOUR: Using regular tape attach the two (matching) strips of construction paper (as shown in the image below)... Next, using your scissors cut your construction paper strips creating the "fringe" effect that will be wrapped around your hat in the next step...

STEP FIVE: Tape double sided stickey tape around the rim of the hat. Next wrap the construction paper/fringe around the entire party hat...

STEP SIX: Using your 2" hole punch, punch out as many circles as you need... Once you've punched out your circles use your craft knife (the back end not the sharp end you cut with) to create line indentations (as shown below in the second image)... fold over the piece and use a little glue to secure to your party hat...

STEP SEVEN: You've created your own custom design! From here you can add other embellishments such as ribbon, glitter, or rhinestones etc.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - I would love to see what you've came up with : )

xoxo, Latisha


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