February 24, 2013

{ Real Party } - Rainbow Candyland Party

Some mushy stuff...

My baby girl has finally turned FIVE... I cannot believe how fast she's growing up. I've really enjoyed this journey referred to as "Motherhood" with her and would not change one single thing. Raising her has been a growing and learning experience for me as well... Alley-Pooh has taught me so many things and has brought out a side ( a good side) of me I never knew existed. I can remember when she was a little baby and I would hold her in my arms and give her the occasional kiss on her chubby little cheeks and she would smile and coo at me, now that she's older we're having "real" conversations and she still "allows" me to kiss her cheeks and gives me that same smile : )

On to the party...

I still can remember to this day when I turned five, what a "BIG" girl I thought I would be... the thought of going to "BIG" school and gaining some responsibility around the house (chores) made me feel very special. Alley-Pooh is so much like me and her personality almost mirrors mine at times ... everybody calls her "Little Tish". As her fifth birthday was approaching I could tell she had that same feeling I had when I was her age and I wanted to make her birthday party special for her ... something she could remember (and retain as a happy memory and maybe share one day with her own family). So, the theme of her celebration this year was "Candyland". Alley-Pooh came up with this theme on her own (sort of)... she enjoys the board game. 

Initially the plan was to have her birthday party at a local park, but here in Florida in February we can never predict how the weather will be (hot, mild, or cold). This year around her birthday it was cool (not too cold), but extremely windy. Due to other unforeseen circumstances (including the weather) we cancelled the park idea and had the party at our home. We had the party at the home I had completely wrecked with glitter dust everywhere, shreds of paper, glue... just the normal messy house stuff that happens when you're planning a party. It crossed my mind at least five times to just cancel her party all together, because my house was a mess and needed to be cleaned before guests arrived and it was just me and Alley-Pooh - there was no one there to help me. I can remember while cleaning (only a few hours before the party) thinking to myself, "I can't do this"... I plopped on the couch and Alley-Pooh ran into the Living Room with her little tutu smiling at me and said, "Mommy, I love you ... I can't wait until "we" decorate my pretty Candyland Party". At that moment, I knew that I could not cancel her party, I could not let my baby girl down ... I had to make the best of our situation.

The Birthday Girl...

The Decorations ... 

Table Decor - included rainbow table cloths and sashes, colorful paper/plastic partyware, and Candyland inspired centerpieces (Dum Dum and Chocolate Candy Topiaries, large Lollipops, and other edible sweets).

Candyland Inspired Dessert Table - This Candy Buffet drove the kids (and parents) nuts! They could not wait to dive into this Dessert Table. Each child was able to take home a miniature cup filled with all of Alley-Pooh's favorite candies, a cookie or cotton candy bag, a cupcake, and of course a delicious piece of birthday cake! The parents were able to take home a clear take-out box (not shown here) filled with candy. 

Candyland Inspired Props - It took me some time to figure out a cool way to "personalize" Alley-Pooh's Candyland party. I first wanted to make sure it wasn't something that's seen all over the web, but something that was cute, spunky and "eccentric"... then with a little "Pinterestration" (Pinterest + Inspiration) I was able to come up with these cool Skittles, Tootsie Roll, Jolly Rancher, and Snicker Bar inspired props.

Just a little something extra for that sweet tooth...

I seriously unloaded candy/sweets unexpectedly on Alley-Pooh's Party guests (lol!) This party was the true definition of "Candyland"... I made sure to package/wrap all desserts/favors I did not want anyone "crashing" at my home from their sugar high : )

Friends and Family...

When I tell you... my baby girl has a lot of people that love and care about her - I am telling you the truth! It's always amazing when you have a house filled with people who love you and simply want to see you happy and be around you and share (and create) special memories with you. We had close to 40 people in our home and Alley-Pooh was eating it all up ... because she knew that everyone who was there loved her and wanted to celebrate her special day with her. This milestone birthday meant so much more to us being able to share it with our closest family and friends.

Vendor Credits:

All Stationery Designs - Eccentric Designs
Party Styling/Decor - Eccentric Designs
Rainbow Tutu - Titi's Tutus
Glitter (Sparkly) Cupcake Wrappers - J. At Your Service
Birthday Cake - Publix Bakery
Cupcakes and Cookies - Walmart Bakery
Chocolate Topiaries - Marecia

If you're interested in viewing more photos from this party, please feel free to visit me on Facebook. If you saw something here that you would like to bring to your next celebration please feel free to stop by my shop and look around ... thank you for taking the time read this post and relive some of my favorite memories from Allure's celebration : )



  1. Tish, I ABSOLUTELY Love this! You always do such a fabulous job! Allure is fortunate to have you as her mommy!

  2. What an adorable party! ~Jen Carver, Banner Events

  3. Wow you did such an amazing job on her birthday party. I love all the decorations especially the center pieces of candy. So cute . Stunning and amazing. Love it

  4. Wow what a beautiful little girl! Stopped to view your amazing party. Corinna

  5. Thank you so much ladies for the kind comments ... I really appreciate them : )

  6. I am impressed!!! Beautiful work done for a beautiful little doll! Very nice! When I feel I'm ready to do another birthday party for my youngest, instead of going to the usual spots... You and Miranda shall have my business! :)


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