April 08, 2018

Candy Buffet Table - Guadalupe's Quinceanera

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to style my very first Candy Buffet display for a Quinceañera. When the mom first contacted me to style a Candy Buffet for such an extravagant occassion, initially I had mixed emotions - ranging mostly from nervous to excited.

I was nervous because... I know how important and special Quinceañera's are and I wanted to make sure I was able to truly bring the mom's vision for her daughter's special night to life. The theme for the event was - Enchanted Forest with hints of gold, pink and white.

Since the color scheme was not the traditional "forest" colors with the dark greens and reds ... it was somewhat difficult to fully see the mom's vision initially. I really had to go to the drawing board with this one - Pinterest was my bestfriend and I ended up creating a board for inspiration. 

To incorporate the - Enchanted Forest Theme - there were fairies, butterflies, florals and a few forest animals (bunnies, birds, etc.). Oddly, I thought I would have a difficult time finding candy that matched the theme, and to my surprise the process of collecting a variety of candies was very easy. A bulk of the candy was purchased from my local Party City and Sam's Club.

Funny story about the Cotton Candy labels, they were actually Hershey Wrapper labels! I ended up getting too many Hershey Wrapper labels printed and didn't want to waste them by throwing them away... so I cut them in half and used them as Cotton Candy labels - pretty neat right?

I created all of the labels, for the Candy Buffet (of course) you can purchase similar labels from my website. I enjoy creating custom labels and I believe they add a special personal touch to any celebration making it truly unique. 

These Hershey Bar Wrappers are from the Princess Collection

All in all, I truly enjoyed playing such a small role in Guadalupe's special day. The birthday girl gave me her stamp of approval and mom was equally happy about the Candy Buffet display. At the end of the day - that is what mattered to me the most. Thank you for allowing Eccentric Designs to be apart of your special day!

Candy Buffet Details:
+ Chalkboard sign | Eccentric Designs
+ Custom Hershey Bar/Nugget Wrappers | Eccentric Designs
+ Cotton Candy Bulk | Sam's Club
+ Cotton Candy Labels | Eccentric Designs
+ Candy Buffet Labels | Eccentric Designs
+ Whimsical Decor | Hobby Lobby
+ Ferrero Rocher gourmet chocolate candy | Sam's Club
+ Miniature Chocolate Candy Favorites | Sam's Club
Assorted pink, white and gold candies | Party City/Merchant's Walk

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Let's Get Social! #iloveEccentricDesigns

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